What hood latches are you using?


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What hood latches are you running and why? Mine are beginning to get that horrible gray fade and I'm looking to upgrade. Thanks in advance for all your input.
Rugged Ridge XHD Hood Catches.
I bought my jeep the day before Thanksgiving and put 500 highway miles on it before it was 3 days old. The hood moved more than I liked so looked into replacements that were all metal and these came up first, lol. There are others for sure.
I bought my 07 around Thanksgiving of last year and immediately saw that I needed to do something to mine. I couldn’t believe the stock ones were still on there. I put on some Daystar replacements and painted the brackets with some Rustolium Black Enamel. I tried mother’s Back to Black and a handful of other products that my friends and neighbors have used. Nothing lasted longer than 2 weeks. Paint and Daystars were the best choice for me.

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