What is With "Friends" Groups like FOTR?


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I have been asked many times over the years why I make such a big deal out of using "Friends" type groups -- the most famous one is the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR).

Here are the bottom line reasons how Friends group save trails.

Friends groups set aside club issues and bring everyone together under one banner.

Friends groups are usually multiple use (wheeling, dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, atv's, etc. and access in general).

Friends groups become the central point of contact for agency folks (USFS; BLM). It makes it easier for all of us to work together.

Friends groups become powerful proponents of public lands (quickly), recognized by the agencies as the folks to deal with!

If a trail is in jeopardy, or likely to become in jeopardy, a Friends group is THE BEST way to engage a lot of people quickly and do some serious trail-saving.

Post up if you have some experience being part of a Friends group.
thanks, Del


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What is With "Friends" Groups like FOTR?

Amen brother. I think it is a necessary piece to protect the things we love. No different than the NRA, NWTF, or Ducks Unlimited for that matter. They all work together so we can do what we love. If your not a part of a friends group, you should be or at least be open to it. Thanks for the write up Del.

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BlueRibbon Coalition sent Del off to work to save the Rubicon years ago.
What came of that is the Friends of the Rubicon.
That group started the "Group" process and really wrote the book on how to do it.

We have a friends group for Clear Creek Management Area, as it has been closed for a while.
Sharetrails own Don Amador is working with a couple of elected officials to make it a Federal Recreation Area.
Hope that happens soon.