What is your favorite bumper?


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I have the poison spyder brawler stubby. Love the look but now i have a winch and thinking it would be nice if the winch was sunken in the bumper.

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Ok, so I am thinking about getting a new bumper and cant decide what to get. Lets see them posted up!
What do you want from a bumper? Do you want it to be a simple cosmetic mod to make your Jeep look tough, or are you looking for some specific functionality?
If you're not going to go rock crawling, I don't think stinger bumper would be a necessity.

Also, if you don't want to keep it black, but want to colormatch it - you can look at one of those bare metal bumpers to save money.

My choice is the Smittybilt® - Carbine Mid Width Front Winch HD Bumper with Hoop
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