Ask The Expert- Wheel choices for a fresh build

I’ve got a 2015 JK 6-speed. It’s currently bone stock, but I’m looking at buying new wheels.

My question is what, if possible, is the best 17” wheel to run that will be able to be used throughout my build without having to buy something else as it progresses.

I’m about to get new tires and I’m looking at 285/70/17’s for now. Possibly lifting it next year. The wheels I’ve been looking at are Method MR312 one option is a -12 offset 17x9 with 4.5” bs option two is 0 offset 17x8.5 with 4.75” bs.

I’ve also contemplated ProComp Hammer 17x9 -6 offset and 4.75” bs.

Would there be any problem running either of these options with a 285/70 until I lift it next year.

I’m open to other suggestions as well, but like to stick with a 17”
I know Method makes some good wheels. I have not run them on my Jeep since we have owned it. We went from stock to black steel wheels to our current Raceline Monster Beadlocks.
I do not remember what the backspacing or off-set is, other than I can tell you it does have a wider stance then the steel wheels provided.

I would look at what you want to do with your Jeep after the build or even prior.
If you are going to be playing in snow, sand and the rocks a fair amount, look at a true beadlock option.
These are more expensive, but worth the headache in the future of no blown beads while on the trail.



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About to sell my 17” ATX Slabs and new 37 toyos. Just throwing that out there...if your interested lol.

I do agree with Todd. You need to take a long look at what you want to do with the jeep. This will save you a ton of money. I had ran the AEV Pintlers for a couple years. Really loved the look, but not the best wheel on the rocks. I ended up taking several chunks out of the wheel itself. I believe it was best suited for overlanding and concrete jungle. My slabs have performed flawlessly. They have really been an incredible wheel.
Appreciate the input gentlemen... definitely have me thinking.

I’d like to say I won’t be doing any rock crawling. I live in the Midwest and we don’t have much for rock crawling here. Nothing like in Arkansas or out west.

However, it’s a Jeep and I love driving my Jeep on adventures, so who knows where it could take me. It’s stock now, but my future plans are eventually to run 37’s. I know the D30 won’t hold up to that long, but my plans are to run it for as long as I can and then upgrade to an aftermarket d44. Does one really need 3.5” backspace to clear 37’s... I’ve seen some say yes, but then others say no.
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Would you sell wheels only and how much? Also how far do those sit outside the fender having 3.5” backspace?
Yes I would separate them out. I have all 5 and can have the rings sandblasted before sending them out for you to paint or polish for no extra cost. They will stick out a couple inches on either side of the fenders. $1200 for all five. You pay shipping.