Wheelers for the Wounded


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Anyone here associated with this group in NorCal?

I've been out on the Rubicon a couple of times and come across them doing a run, just wondering if anyone has any info on how to get involved etc?

I think I've typically seen them in Sept. which may not work for me this year because I'm having shoulder surgery in a couple of weeks. I found a facebook page for them, but no real info on trail rides, or getting involved.

Thanks guys.


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This the place you're looking for .. Click here
Yeah, I couldn't find an actual website for some reason just a facebook page. Nevertheless, the link you posted is for Texas, I changed the "tx" in the address to "ca" and what do you know, the California site came up.

I'm on the right path now.

They are a close knit group that run the event.
Only a couple of guys run the California events. I know two of them and can reach out to them.

They are very selective to who they let into the group that gets to drive Veterans around too.
I am part of a group working with them to do the same thing down here near Fresno.

Even though I know one of the leaders of this group, we had to have a meeting with them to get them to give their support for us to move forward with using their name.

They have an event coming up soon, and if you see them on the Con, ask for Kevin or Dan.
They are the ones that organize it on this side of the mountains, and they run the whole event.

They can give you more info, and if you want to be a driver, they are the ones to talk to.



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OK thanks. I go the same week every year and it seems like I've seen them the last couple. If I see them this year, I'll ask.