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When I first got my 16 JKU I waved at everyone in a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve come to notice that about 90 something percent or higher that roll a stock Jeep do not wave back. So now, if I see a stock Jeep I do not wave unless they initiate the “Wave” first. Ya, I know kinda petty, but come on people if you’re not waving, why do you even own a Jeep. As for modded Jeeps, I always wave


I wave at all wranglers, no matter the year. I too notice the JKU non-wavers and I have a JKU.. but whatever. I read somewhere that you're acknowledging the Jeep not the driver. I will also wave back to other model Jeeps if they wave first.
I drive a built XJ on 37s. I've found I'm more likely to get a "Jeep Wave" returned by a built Toyota than by most Wranglers.



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I find myself looking for Jeeps and wanting to wave the whole time I’m in my regular car and often missing the other Jeeps until the last minute when I’m in my own Jeep, because I’m so absorbed in my “happy place.” I wave back to any wave I see, all old Jeeps and modified Jeeps. I used to wave at all Jeeps, but have gotten tired of the rude non-reciprocation (Yes, usually JKs and usually women and older men). Ironically, I regularly get waves from trucks, motorcycles, and people along the roadway/sidewalk and seldom from Jeeps in my area.



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It has been a Wrangler thing in the old days; but nowadays, all Jeeps wave...well, maybe not all as the newer SUV stuff isn't something to wave at (unless they wave at me.).
Truth is I primarily wave at built up Jeeps because I don't tend to notice stock Wranglers anymore. There are so many of them.
Hell, I catch myself all the time about to wave when driving all the heavy equipment/ trucks at work. But when driving my jk I just wave to all wranglers I have a chance to. I will wave to other modded jeeps as well if I think about it. I have even had a modded FJ give me a thumbs up and wave, so I guess its all preference of the waver regardless of what they are driving in at the time. Its not just the vehicle we unite and share in common passionatly, but also the sport/hobby we use it for.

I used to be the guy that would only wave to modded wranglers- TJ or older, as I used to dislike the jks (jeeps soccer mom minivan) when they first came out. Or I would only wave after being waved to first, unless your rig was modded more than mine. Now that I grew up and got over myself, as well as produced offspring and own a four door JK , I just wave to all.
I drive a well modified TJ (when it isn't in the garage on jack stands after being broken) and wave at all wranglers. Most people in later JKs and JLs don't do the wave. 99% of people with well modified Jeep's will wave. Mall crawlers are hit or miss.

The wave is a little silly, but I see it as a nod of respect for a well modified Jeep.
So I had to take my jeep today for work and realized I only wave at other wranglers. So is the wave only only to be used with other Wrangler drivers? Or is the wave for any off-road set up jeep? I.e. XJ, KJ, or any other form of "J" as long as it's been modified.

What are your thoughts?

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I wave at any Wrangler or modified off road jeep.
I wave at all Wranglers, even the snobby JK's. There is a lady who I pass by almost every day from work. I would wave and she would just stare, so I started blowing kisses and now she waves lol.
I was shocked this weekend when a blond in an older XJ waved at me here in LA, then yesterday a brunette in a stock JKU waved at me. Meanwhile the "bros" in their lifted JKs that sit in gym parking lots still don't wave... :unsure:
I tend to wave at every Wrangler, and also at the old Cherokee's if they have done some mods. Some days I get a lot of waves, and some I do not. I have noticed that a lot of JL drivers do not wave though.


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You see a jeep, you wave if you like the jeep. Or if you want to portray the friendliness of our jeep passion, just wave. Play it forward. Our community needs to bond more anyway. I say WAVE if it strikes you. Smile if they do or don't wave back. Just wave. Build the spirit; pass on the passion for the brand.