Wheres the Winch?

I get asked this from a few people I work with, they wonder why I have a Jeep without a winch. I tell them its complicated, there are many to choose from starting with the money, what kind of recovery does one plan on doing, size matters, synthetic rope vs wire and the list goes on. I have never owned or even operated a winch yet so for me this will be a first. To make things worse there are so many to choose from. What winch works well dealing with mud, water here in the Eastern half of the US vs a dry climate & rocks in the Western US?


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I have an older Warn XD9000i on the TJ and we have a Warn Zeon Platinum 10,000 pounder coming for the JK. You pay more for Warn, but they are a good product!
I've had a few from ramsey and warn. Warn is pricey but proven. My current one is an 8274-50 with synthetic rope. The rope is easy for my kids to rig up and the winch is super fast. After having one this fast it would be hard to go back to a slow one but the 8274 is not for everyone in the price and looks department. Kids fear it and hot girls won't come near it but other off-roaders drool over it, lol. I'm married so it's fine with me. That said the choice of what works for you is what matters. On a newer jeep I like the zeon series but I see a ton of the cheaper brands running around.


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I have a Warm Power Plant HD and it serves me well. Despite what most forum guys will tell you, I know many have had great luck with the smittybuilt H2O winches. I think you will get a much longer life with a warm though. I searched classifieds and Craigslist and got a great deal on my PowerPlant. If I were you I would search the same way.

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I have only had Warns on our Jeep.
The first one I bought, was used and in good shape.
Then I won one at a Cal4Wheel event that is on the Jeep now.
Won a second one last year that I sold.
These one I won and sold were both the Zeon 10i with Synthetic rope.

I much prefer the synthetic rope over the steel cable for the weight issue.
We also have a Factor 55 Flat Link on the end for a closed loop winching system.
From a safety perspective, synthetic rope and a Factor 55 link is the best you can buy.