White OEM grill with black throats.

I am looking for the OEM white grill with black throats to the headlights and grill vents.

If you have this, or know of anyone that does, let me know.



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Yeah, that's horrible. The first time I saw it I was like "hmmm, interesting" then the more I see it the worse it gets. Kinda like the 90's YJ Renegay'd package.

Worst jeep accessories ever. So ugly....

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The JK guys have tons of money and the aftermarket crowd LOVES them. I work with a guy who has a JKU with a mild build. It has a winch bumper on it but no winch and the hole drives him crazy so he's looking at winches and wanted my opinion in which one he should buy. I asked how often he would use it and under what conditions and he said that it will literally never get used because he doesn't, and won't ever, go off-roading.
I should tell him to guy but the most expensive Warn winch out there because the Bad Lands winch won't keep up the image he's striving for.

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