Yellow or Amber fog light options? any one have advice?

Looking to convert my OEM fog lights to yellow or amber, would really like to have LED bulb, but as long as the result is a true selective yellow would be great!
Thanks in advance.



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I'm a big KC fan.. they have a lot of great options.. from stock fitement or square, from beams to wide spread .. colors and such... go visit theyr website i'm sure you will find something that will suit your needs. Personaly I don't like ambers... White does the job and gives you better lighting at night when weeling..


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You might check local/state light laws where you live. Some fogs need to be amber; not all do. Driving lights are white; but can be tinted too, depending on where you live. PIAA"s new reflector-facing forward beam technology is pretty impressive. I have several on my TJ.
yeah, i was looking a dual fog/drive Combo from PIAA, but they stopped making them. had that yellowish/bluish lens look to them.
i specifically want round lights to replace the OEM fogs. then add a set on the bullbar for driving. In NC, there’s all colors of lights allowed from what I can tell, fog, driving, etc.
Check out Baja Designs, they have an easy change lens on most if not all their lights. Their squadron / squadron pro's that fit into the stock fog light housing area have this lens feature.