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I'm home to rest after attending the Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club's "Chile Challenge" at Caballo Lake State Park. I'm guessing about 200 people attended the event and drove the new and old trails laid out for the event. Great week of off road fun! The ratings for the 28th annual Challenge were changed to better reflect the rating system in use at Moab. Makes it much more challenging for all.
Hi There! Sio Im very excited to be here...I just got myself a new 2018 Wrangler Sports JL and I'm falling over myself as to what to do with lifts?? or should I just go with new tires?? What do I do with the factory delivered wheels and tires?? So looking here for some suggestions from the community.... So here's what I have so far... A MOPAR 21/2 in lift from the dealership with full set of Nitto tires come up to $8400!!! Didn't think that it would have come up to that much! The dealership then tells me that I can forgo a lift and just install Nitto Ridge Grappler tires 295x55xR20 and pick some 20"rims + graphics for $5995... So I would like to hear some opinions on these options from the community. Also what do I do with the Good year Factory All terrain tires and wheels? I hear I should sell them on forum pages?? Looking forward to some great conversations here... Help!
Those all sound insanely high. Especially since folks are running JL’a with no lift. Also, you will be better served posting this on the forum and not on your profile page. Lot quicker response that way.
Sorry haven't got pics I'm not on the forum a lot especially during the week. I love the 2.5 metalcloak lift both on and off road. It just looks right, not too tall. I was blown away by how much travel there is when off road. I don't plan on real big tires so it is perfect for my jeep.
Hi, new member here. Ive got three questions for you. First, how do I fill in my profile. I don't see any edit options. Second, how do you like a post? Is it the chat icon with the plus that turns into a check mark when you click on it? Finally, could you grant me access to the military forum? 12 year Marine veteran and current Navy reservist out of NOSC Detroit here.