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    2021 "I Resolve to Jeep" Metalcloak Giveaway

    Justin Themens In 2021 I Resolve to Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. Overland Rocker & Flip Step Kit, JT Gladiator, Pair 2. JT Gladiator Lo Profile Modular Rear Bumper 3. Frame-Built Bumper #2401, JL Wrangler, JT Gladiator
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    2017 JKUR For Sale

    2017 Rubicon, Manual, Hardtop, Rhino Color Aftermarket Parts: Metalcloak: Front/Rear Bumpers Tube Fenders (Front/Rear & Front Inner) Rockers w/Flip Step AEV Dualsport SC 3.5" Suspension DV8 Rear Tire Carrier KMC XD Misfit 17" Rims w/...
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    Rock Slide Engineering Outer Axle Sleeves with knuckle style C Gussets and Synergy Manufacturing C Gussets

    New. Decided to save my money to buy some new axle assemblies. $250 obo. From what I read, the outer sleeves give an increased diameter, which leads to greater bending strength than inners which increase the thickness.
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    2019 Metalcloak "I Resolve to Jeep" Giveaway!

    Justin Themens In 2019 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. JK Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension 4.5", Hi-Steer, 6Pak Edition 2. JK Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension 4.5", Hi-Steer, Fox Edition 3. JK Wrangler Lock-N-Load Long Arm Compound Suspension, 4.5"/5.5", 6Pak...
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    Rear Inner Fenders

    I talked to the line-x guy, who informed me that in order to spray the inner fenders, they have to cover the entire jeep, which takes time. Since I also want to get the inside of the tub sprayed with line-x, he said it would be more economical (less shop hours) to do everything at once. Then I...
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    Big Hello from Oklahoma!

    Welcome from South Carolina
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    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome from SC
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    Rear Inner Fenders

    Didn't think about that. Oh well, guess I should either keep it as is, get a line-x quote, or a paint quote. Thanks!
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    Trail Maps

    I do not see the option to select ORV(Jeep) Trails. It has a lot of hiking/biking/walking trails though.
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    Rear Inner Fenders

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    Flowchart for Jeep Part Buying

    Got bored one day and typed this up...hope it helps you make decisions.
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    Trail Maps

    Hey. Anyone know how/where you can get maps that show local roads/trails that are not private property? I was looking at the Magellan TRX7, as the trails are crowdsourced, but the price is a bit steep. Thanks.
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    Rear Inner Fenders

    When I added the Metalcloak Overland Fenders, I bought the front inner fenders to protect the engine bay from anything being kicked up. However, Metalcloak does not offer rear inner fenders. I am looking to get a matching look (black), and was wondering if anyone knows a company that...
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    When to wave...

    I tend to wave at every Wrangler, and also at the old Cherokee's if they have done some mods. Some days I get a lot of waves, and some I do not. I have noticed that a lot of JL drivers do not wave though.
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    Lift Kits

    One thing I will say is that Metalcloak has awesome customer service. I had a couple issues with some of their products that the installer messed up on (not Metalcloaks fault). I sent them an email and they sent me out some replacement parts at no charge on two different occasions. Great Company!