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    Front axle wanted pr44 or Dana 44

    I have a PR44 for sale
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    In 2019 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak!

    Michael Rivera In 2019 I Resolve to Jeep with MetalCloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. TJ Lock-N-Load Long-Arm Suspension System, 6 Pak Edition 2. Rocker Rail, Pair, JK, 4-Door 3. JL Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension, 2.5"/3.5", 6Pak Edition
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    CYLINDER 2 misfire

    Today while driving home from work my 2007 jku 3.8 start to shake really back and had little to no power at lower RPMs. It vibrated pretty good while during home. No smoke no leaks as a could see. I took out my superchips flashpaq and got this error code P0302. no sure what to do? It could be a...