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  1. El Sanchimoto

    2005 Jeep Liberty Sport: Auto/Diesel

    Hopefully this is okay that I'm doing this. My friends are selling their 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport, one of the rare 2.8L Turbo Diesels. It's located in SE Michigan. I know how my friend takes care of his stuff so I doubt you'll find one in better condition, and it's all stock. So it's a clean...
  2. El Sanchimoto

    EVAP canister relocation

    oof sorry to hear that. Still haven't done mine yet...
  3. El Sanchimoto

    Locker preference

    Yeah there is always a little lead in/out time on mine from when I hit the button, though it's never been too bad and I've no experience with any others so I have no basis of comparison.
  4. El Sanchimoto

    Hello from NorCal

    Welcome Dorkchop! If ya ever come down to SoCal give me a shout. Welcome to the MJ Forums.
  5. El Sanchimoto

    Modern Jeeper Forum Referrals

    This feature was with an older version of the forum software that is no longer active.
  6. El Sanchimoto

    Front suspension horrible shaking

    The best thing you can do is to have the Jeep specific ball joint press adapters. I did not and I had to do some finagling to make sure I was pressing the new ball joints in straight and even then I still damaged some of the threads on the new uppers. LUCKILY the damaged threads were at the base...
  7. El Sanchimoto

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    I enjoy working on my Jeep, especially when I put it all back together and there are no new lights on or codes being thrown! :ROFLMAO:
  8. El Sanchimoto

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Today I got an alignment because this weekend I replaced my ball joints and the upper front axle bushings. All I can say is if you are doing upper axle bushings, have an air hammer... I was able to knock the driver upper bushing out with just the air hammer saving a lot of time and curse words...
  9. El Sanchimoto

    Total Miles on your JK

    Wow! that's a shit load of miles. I bought my '15 new and have a hair over 50k on the clock and it runs wonderfully. The only issue I've had that is starting to worry me a tad is the P 066D engine code. I've gotten it twice now in the last 6 months but I clear it and it goes away.
  10. El Sanchimoto

    Front suspension horrible shaking

    Yeah, my neighbor is awesome, he has elped me with everything lately on my Jeep in one way or another. Tools, knowledge, or just an extra set of hands when I needed it. He had built a couple of Jeeps of his own too (no longer has them) so I think he's vicariously living his younger days through...
  11. El Sanchimoto

    Front suspension horrible shaking

    I just followed this video and I was able to hear a little clunk noise on my driver side. Had my neighbor (retired master mechanic) give a listen and he agreed there was too much play and that the noise was due to ball joints. Now I just need to decide on which ones to buy, leaning towards...
  12. El Sanchimoto

    JK Heat Evacuation Hoods

    I just googled it and I've seen way worse, in fact this one doesn't look too bad. Looks like it might be nice if you life in a real wet area and were concerned about the amount of water getting in your engine compartment. That being said I'm a big fan of my Poison Spider hood. Easy install and...
  13. El Sanchimoto

    When to use the front locker?

    I typically engage/disengage both at the same time when I use them and I use them when doing ascents or descents on particularly difficult or loose terrain, when I'm navigating through a rock garden, when recovering another vehicle, or I am fully stuck. They key point though is that I try to use...
  14. El Sanchimoto

    EVAP canister relocation

    The EVAP kit is the only thing left in the garage to install at this point, for better or worse I think I'll be doing mine soon. I spent this week going over my lift and steering installs (loosening and retorqueing on the ground) and finally getting the exhaust spacers in.
  15. El Sanchimoto

    No Threads Opening

    So far it has been working in Chrome on my Windows machine, and my mobile phone. Have not tried on my Mac yet but I can do that later. For the time being I will just have to use Chrome, not a big deal.
  16. El Sanchimoto

    EVAP canister relocation

    I bought the MC EVAP canister relocation kit but I have not yet installed it after reading here how people were getting errors. My question(s) now is; How many people here have installed it and did you get any errors? The best advice I read was to keep it level in its OEM position while...
  17. El Sanchimoto

    No Threads Opening

    I logged in via my phone (for the first time ever) as I have been unable to view threads in weeks on both Mac or Windows (no matter what browser) this is getting really frustrating. No idea how long I'll be able tonread/post from this device. I also have been a QA professional managing test...
  18. El Sanchimoto

    No Threads Opening

    Glad it worked for you. I'm still having issues. This is the first time I've been able to view and respond to a thread since my post about logging out and back in.
  19. El Sanchimoto

    Ball Joint helpful tool

    Good to know. I will be doing my ball joints very soon. My local O'reillys has the dodge/jeep adapter available to borrow so I'll make sure to do that.
  20. El Sanchimoto

    No Threads Opening

    I have been having this issue for a couple weeks now. Finally I decided to 'log out' of my account, after doing so I could view threads again. Then I logged back in and have had no other issues so far viewing threads. I was having this issue across both Fire Fox & Chrome, as well as on Mac &...