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  1. El Sanchimoto

    2005 Jeep Liberty Sport: Auto/Diesel

    Hopefully this is okay that I'm doing this. My friends are selling their 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport, one of the rare 2.8L Turbo Diesels. It's located in SE Michigan. I know how my friend takes care of his stuff so I doubt you'll find one in better condition, and it's all stock. So it's a clean...
  2. El Sanchimoto

    EVAP canister relocation

    I bought the MC EVAP canister relocation kit but I have not yet installed it after reading here how people were getting errors. My question(s) now is; How many people here have installed it and did you get any errors? The best advice I read was to keep it level in its OEM position while...
  3. El Sanchimoto

    Metal Cloak HD Steering question.

    The instructions say -Use 15/16” socket to tighten the nut on the top of the bolt connected to the tie rod. Insert cotter pin and bend the ends around the bolt in opposite directions. Is there a torque spec for the tie rod ends and drag link, or am I supposed to tighten until I can't? I've...
  4. El Sanchimoto

    JL passenger rear lower control arm bracket weld issue

    Saw this one on reddit. OP said people taking delivery after July 2018 should check their welds on the passenger side rear lower control arm bracket. Wonder if anyone else has seen a weld this bad?
  5. El Sanchimoto

    Questions on Overland Sport vs. True Dual-Rate rocksport lifts.

    In the very near future I will be replacing my OEM suspension & steering systems as the dealership recently told me some of my components will need to be replaced before too long. I've been comparing the two and I was wondering why the overland has the front control arm drop brackets and the...
  6. El Sanchimoto

    Axle & Transfercase Breathers for 3.6L Auto Transmissions

    I always wanted to get this posted up because I had to do it twice (wrong tube size) and ask a lot of questions along the way. I ended up doing this years ago now and have never had a problem with the lines I extended, but I also don't have lots of water just laying around here in SoCal. What...
  7. El Sanchimoto

    Ask The Expert- water proofing the engine & electrical systems.

    Wanted to know what the best (or most practical) way to do this was. I saw the dirt everyday episode where they drove 'tube sock' underwater through a pond and they mentioned dielectric grease in all the connectors. Previously I would have thought you crammed a bunch in each connector and put...
  8. El Sanchimoto

    White OEM grill with black throats.

    I am looking for the OEM white grill with black throats to the headlights and grill vents. If you have this, or know of anyone that does, let me know.
  9. El Sanchimoto

    Ask The Expert- 3.6L Auto Trans Breather Location?

    I have a 2015 3.6L JKUR. I already extended my axle differential and T-Case breathers, but I have been unable to find any conclusive information on the location of the transmission breather on the automatic. I slid around underneath and tried to feel as much as possible, but without being able...
  10. El Sanchimoto

    White wheels

    When I get new wheels I want white ones, perhaps a classic looking steel rim with some simple spokes. Anyone know where to get, or have a suggestion on a set of wheels like that? Black rims are all the rage but I really don't care. White on white would look real nice IMO.
  11. El Sanchimoto

    Does anyone have a recommendation on inclinometers?

    As title says, does anyone have an inclinometer that they recommend? I've been doing some research on this topic as I have found myself on trails recently where this started to be a concern, especially when roll threat means going off the side of a mountain ridge trail and death is likely...
  12. El Sanchimoto

    April 2: SoCal: Cleghorn Trail

    Was thinking of checking out the Cleghorn Trail this coming Saturday (April 2nd). I am in the San Fernando Valley and would probably be heading there early afternoon. Anyone want to meet up and wheel? My apologies if this isn't the proper place for this, not sure where this would go if not.
  13. El Sanchimoto

    You have to start somewhere, right?

    I had a 2000 XJ Classic that I sold 8 years ago when I moved to NYC. Being that I recently moved to SoCal I of course wanted to get back in the Jeep family so I bought a 2015 Rubicon Unlimited, after all I miss my XJ and it's four doors of fun. I know some people hate on the JKU's but as far as...
  14. El Sanchimoto

    New to SoCal.

    Hey all, Just moved to SoCal (San Fernando Valley) from NYC last week. Thought I'd say hello and see if anyone wants/needs a novice wheeling partner? I'd love to get to know the surrounding areas. I'm running a largely stock '15 Rubi (upgraded MC Sliders) and have a basic recovery kit right...