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    2022 "I Resolve to Jeep" Metalcloak Giveaway

    Eric Hanstein In 2022 I Resolve To Jeep With MetalCloak! To Fulfill My Pledge, I need: 1. JK Full Overland System 4-Door 2. MetalCloak SportGate Tire Carrier JK Wrangler...
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    Howdy from Missouri!

    That's a really good question. I'm not really sure to be honest. I'm still running the stock D30 up front with 3.73's. The 35's are just about the max I feel comfortable with driving on the highway and hilly back roads where I live. Also having the 6-speed manual, I find myself sometimes...
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    Howdy from Missouri!

    The rear is still stock for now. I inspected the jeep pretty thoroughly during the test drive and noticed the CV joint grease flung up on the bottom of the body. I said something about it and asked them to replace the driveshaft before I bought it. They wanted to replace it with another stock...
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    Howdy from Missouri!

    Hi everyone! I'm new! 😅 I've been around jeeps for a while now (ZJ, WJ, WK) but just purchased my first wrangler 2017 JKU Sahara back in August. The jeep came lifted with MetalCloak's 3.5 GameChanger with the 6-pack shocks already installed (BONUS!!!). So, since then I've added an Adam's...
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    2021 "I Resolve to Jeep" Metalcloak Giveaway

    Eric Hanstein In 2021 I Resolve to Jeep With MetalCloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: MetalCloak HD Steering system, Jeep JK, Rocksport edition. Frame-Built Bumper #1400, JK Wrangler...