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  1. Apollo

    Got my Punk'n Gladiator!

    Build sheet sounds awesome! What color did you decide on for the beadlocks?
  2. Apollo

    Gobi Gladiator for the win!

    The look of those halos are sweet! What brand of headlight is that?
  3. Apollo

    My JT “Beast”

    Whoa! Love the stance you have! How do you like the LoD bumper now that you've had it for a few months?
  4. Apollo

    Another Gladiator Build...

    The color looks great! When you wrap it, will you keep the same base color or go with something totally different?
  5. Apollo

    Hello from Tennessee!

    Finally back into a Jeep after totaling my previous JLU in 2019. Went with the gladiator this time, and loving every second of it! Can't wait to get out to the National Parks this summer.
  6. Apollo

    Howdy from Missouri!

    I really like the stance and overall look of your JK! Definitely a score to find one with such a nice lift already. Do you have any plans for larger tires?
  7. Apollo

    Greetings from Utah

    Your brute looks great! Did you buy it already converted or did you go through that process yourself? If so, how long did that type of conversion take?
  8. Apollo

    Getting Started in MI

    Wow! What a beautiful TJ! I am a huge fan of the tan/brown hardtops, and it looks especially nice against the white. I agree with Pthorpe84, no sliders to keep the OG look unless you are wanting to rock crawl it. I am a huge fan of metalcloak's slider options for the TJ, but there are tons of...
  9. Apollo

    2021 "I Resolve to Jeep" Metalcloak Giveaway

    Myriah Couture In 2021 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. JT Gladiator 3.5" Game Changer Suspension (6pak Edition) 2. UnderCloak Integrated Armor System, JT Gladiator, 3.6L Motor 3. Frame-Built Bumper #2200, JL Wrangler, JT Gladiator