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    2023 King of the Hammers

    hi all, Sorry for the late post but I'm still going through a ton of photos from KOH. As always, it's a great but grueling race and something to experience at least once in a lifetime. The stats for me on this trip was 1,000 miles driven (to and from and during the race), nearly 12k photos...
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    Tickets are still available for King of the Hammers

    If you ever make it out, you'll have a blast! A part from the race, just bombing around in your rig in the desert is all kinds of stupid fun. If there's a good enough breeze, the dust isn't that bad, but yeah even at it's best, the dust will get everywhere. Also the amount of dust that comes...
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    Tickets are still available for King of the Hammers

    hey all. Happy belated Christmas and New Year. Just a quick FYI, tickets are still available for this years King of the Hammers. Here's the link: If you've never been, it's one of the best events hands down. Though if you do come and decide to camp, be aware...
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    Hello and welcome from an old guy!

    Heya Corey! Good to see you on the forums. Hopefully I'll run into you again at KOH
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    VORRA Spooktacular Race

    hey all, last weekend was the VORRA (Valley Off-Road Racing Assoc) Spooktacular and man it was a fun but super chill race. This time of the year is perfect for racing over at Prairie City OHV as the temps are usually in the 70s (as opposed to the high 90's to 100s in Sept). If you have the...
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    4x4 Safety Clinic Pics

    More pics
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    4x4 Safety Clinic Pics

    2 Weeks ago, we had our semi-annual 4x4 Safety Clinic at Hollister Hills OHV and it was a packed one. Roughly 35 rigs got to learn about the basics of 4-wheeling and had a great time. Yes, you're seeing it right; that's a Unimog. One of our club members uses this as his wheeling rig
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    Hello Newbee to site,

    Welcome to the site!
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    NorCal Wild West Shootout

    Yeah it was pretty good! Round 3 last weekend was even better
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    Cody Addington Wins Round 3 of NorCal Rock Race

    Congrats to Cody Addington for winning round #3 of the NorCal Rock Race. It was a tough race for the 4400 class, with Cody and Darian Gomez battling for 1st place. I'll post up more photos from the race in a bit
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    Hollister Fun Run

    Last weekend, myself and few friends decided to head out to Hollister Hill OHV. Nothing too hard core but just wanted to get out and do some wheeling. It was a great mix of rigs, mostly Jeeps but a Nissan truck, and a right hand drive Land Cruiser imported from Australia. With great weather...
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    NorCal Rock Race June 24th & 25th

    hey all, just FYI, NorCal Rock Race is having race #2 at Prairie City OHV. it's a great venue with vendors and open pits. Very family friendly and a great time
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    Loren Healy wins the Ultra4 Stampede at Prairie City

    Loren Healy took the win for the #4400 class! this was an awesome event that saw roughly 90 cars in various classes signed up and ready to go on Saturday morning at Prairie City OHV. It was an understatement to say that there was some carnage as there were so many rigs that dropped out due to...
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    Ultra4 Stampede this weekend at Prairie City OHV, May 14th

    Hi all, if you're in the NorCal area, Ultra4 is having #5 in the series race, Ultra4 Stampede. Prairie City OHV is a great venue, with great seating and worth checking out. Go to Ultra4 to get more info