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  1. Pthorpe84

    2023 King of Hammers

    Sam Collins easily has the coolest 4400 car in the field.
  2. Pthorpe84

    2023 King of Hammers

    Anyone at the race? Whose watching? Hopefully someone pulls a Loren Healy and breaks the internet with some crazy move.
  3. Pthorpe84

    Tickets are still available for King of the Hammers

    I have always wanted to go to this event. Tough to make it happen sadly. always told the dust is the worst part of it. Hammers Lung
  4. Pthorpe84

    Torque Specs

    Anyone have a good source or document on general torque specs for Grade 8 bolts? Getting ready to do the rear long arm kit from MC and don’t see torque specs for bolts.
  5. Pthorpe84

    Images from the Fall 2022 Death Valley Adventure

    How does one get so lucky to see snow in Death Valley…twice
  6. Pthorpe84

    Hello and welcome from an old guy!

    Hi stranger. Welcome back
  7. Pthorpe84

    Jeep girl

    Yes. It would help if I would make time and get on here lol. Whatcha needing?
  8. Pthorpe84

    Wiring halos to ignition power

    im interested to hear how this works as well I honestly thought it was all just tied in together. As in tied into the running lights.
  9. Pthorpe84

    Electrical Wiring for LED lights

    Thanks boo boo
  10. Pthorpe84

    Electrical Wiring for LED lights

    What wiring(gauge, type) are you all using for wiring up lights in your rig? I have a couple small pods that I am getting ready to wire and need some input.
  11. Pthorpe84

    Jeep Hardtop Removal

    Sadly I have removed it by myself a few times…which was regrettable for my back. I have had a couple buddies just use ratchet straps that are attached to an anchor point on in their garage. Harkin Hoist is the best way to go and is not very expensive.
  12. Pthorpe84

    Radio/dash screws and snap-in nuts

    I wish I could help ya on this one 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Pthorpe84

    Metalcloak sector shaft instructions?
  14. Pthorpe84

    Metalcloak sector shaft instructions?

    New post has it under the MC Instructions .
  15. Pthorpe84


    Welcome! Nice rig
  16. Pthorpe84


    Welcome back!
  17. Pthorpe84

    Road Legal 4WD Association Events | Wisconsin

    Post up a list of rides and some photos! Great to hear y’all are still riding.
  18. Pthorpe84

    Jeep jamboree usa

    I haven’t done the jamborees. They are huge here in Tennessee but never attended. What part of the US are you located?
  19. Pthorpe84

    New member intro.

    Yes it is a annual event that has two trips in the spring and two in the fall. You can register at Hands down best trip I have ever been on.