2019 Adopt-A-Trail, June 21-23


Weekend Wheeler
June 21-23 are the dates for this year's Adopt-A-Trail work party. Now don't let me scare you away by "work"...We really do have a great time clearing the trails and best of all, you feel a great sense of accomplishment sitting around the campfire at night knowing that we helped keep the trail open for another year. Almost all 4WD vehicles can tackle these trails. There is one steep section that is a little nerve wracking, but is passable. It can be avoided if anyone does not feel comfortable. I will give fair warning long before we get to that area of the trail. If you have any questions about your rig, feel free to contact us via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/edfour/
or feel free to come to our monthly meeting, tomorrow, June 11th at the Omega restaurant in Milpitas at 7pm.
Our Base Camp for the weekend will be Horse Gulch located off of 7N09 (see map below) This is a DRY camp. No porta-potty. Please bring plenty of water.
The camp is 4 miles in from Hwy 4 on a well traveled dirt road labeled 7N09. The campground is undeveloped (read dirt) with one large fire ring and is relatively flat.

7N09 is 20 miles from the town of Arnold. As you head up the Hwy toward Bear Valley and near the 20 mile mark, look for a sign on the right side of the road that says “Liberty Vista” and 7N09 is on the left side just after passing the sign. If you you see the Cabbage Patch Maintenance Station on the left, you have gone too far.

Once you are on 7N09, there should be some ED4 signs directing you to Horse Gulch Camp slightly more than 4 miles in from Hwy 4.

Last stop for gas is in Arnold!!
Bear Valley does have gas, but be ready to pay $5+/gal.


A few members will be up there early and will set up camp and then go fishing at Lake Alpine. You could also run the Slick Rock Trail if you wish.


10am Corral Hollow Granite Bandit Adopt-A-Trail. A few of us will be working on the Corral Hollow Trail on Friday. If we finish the Corral Hollow trail early, then we will begin on the Mattley Loop trail. Anyone is welcome to help on Friday if they arrive early and want to join us. It is a nice trail with exceptional views and a rustic hunting cabin half way through.

Dinner is on your own. There are several restaurants 20 miles away in Arnold or you can fire up the grill and cook in camp.


8:30am we will be leaving Horse Gulch Campground for the ED4 Adopt-A-Trail, Mattley Loop. Pack a lunch and lots of cold beverages! There might be a small section of snow this year since we are earlier than normal, but the high sierra rains this week will help.
6pm Pot Luck Dinner - I am proposing that the club buys the main dish (steak and chicken) this year since Chef Ed will not be able to join us. Sign up for a side dish to share and bring a cold beverage to reminisce on a hard days work.

What to bring:

LOTS of beverages
Large plastic garbage bag (if everyone has one, we should have enough)
Chainsaw (if you have one)
CB Radio, Channel 8. FRS Channel 8, HAM 147.555 Simplex. If we get separated, we will need the longer range of the HAM radio.

We will aim for lunch at the usual place, the intersection of 7N09 & 7N57, but this depends on how the morning goes.
Actual route will depend on what gets done before Saturday, and what still needs to be done. Maps are attached. They are old. Please note that the signage on the trail does not always agree with these maps as they are a different set of numbers and letters.

You can actually type in “Horse Gulch, Calaveras County, CA” in Google maps and it will take you right to camp.