2020 JL Rubicon 3.5" game changer

Jason AZ

Jeep Newb
Went to a shop had them install 3.5" game changer. They only put it at recommended settings for lower and upper control arms now when I hit bumps in road I get thrown to right or left. Coils bow back to the cab and axle isn't straight under top of coil perch. Pics for attention. Wondering if I could get some of you with a 2020 JL Rubicon to post your final measurements so I could get this fixed. Appreciate your help



Jeep Newb
I have geometry correction brackets on my 2021 Rubicon installed so not a one to one with yours but my Upper is 20" Lower is 24". It appears you have come excessive caster going on. I had to dial my caster back to 5 degrees the stock Mopar (plastic) ball joints really did not want anything more than that. I will be upgrading ball joints down the road I am sure. The drive was great caster can be a great thing to tightening up steering. But During mostly moderately tight slow turns the ball joints clicked loudly quite a bit. I would double check your lower for 24" and adjust the upper to get closer to 4-5 degrees caster. Best to find a good 4 wheel alignment specialist and double check all is centered the side to side. Your description sounds more like the track bar is not centering the axel. While it is not required IMO getting a front track bar axle relocation bracket to better align the angle of the track bar and draglink is worth it.