2020 JL Rubicon unlimited 3.5" game changer questions

Jason AZ

Jeep Newb
Went to a shop had them install 3.5" game changer. They only put it at recommended settings for lower and upper control arms now when I hit bumps in road I get thrown to right or left. Coils bow back to the cab and axle isn't straight under top of coil perch. Pics for attention. Wondering if I could get some of you with a 2020 JL Rubicon to post your final measurements so I could get this fixed. Appreciate your help



Jeep Newb
I was having a similar issue with the coils buckling. I spoke to CloakWorks here in Northern CA and they reccomended the coil correction pads. MetalCloak has these as does Daystar. Once installed, I noticed immediate improvment. I'm not certain that this will fix your issue, but your spring issue looks identical to what I was experiencing.