Crawler Conceptz rear tire carrier


Weekend Wheeler
Hey all, thought I'd throw this up here for sale. I have a used but in good condition CrawlerConceptz tire carrier for a 2008-2011 Jeep JK/JKUR. It comes with 99% of the hardware (you'll need 2 bolts and a washer) and the license plate relocating bracket (so the plate sits in the middle of the tire. Why you selling you ask? Well I was in a mild fender bender and the part that attaches to the tire is bent/tweaked such that it's pushed over towards the driver by 1/4 of an inch (look a the pics). But the tire carrier itself works perfectly. So it can be either bent back or you can run it with out the tire and do other stuff, whatever, the world is your oyster. Anyway, price is $250 and I'm located in San Leandro, Ca.