Green Iguana: ’14 Jeep Wrangler Sport Truck Conversion


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Those who love Jeeps and trucks no longer have to choose...Upfitters and customizers like Ray Wang of Traversing Offroad USA are building rigs with the best of both (Jeep and truck) worlds! With more than 10 years of experience building off-road vehicles – first in China where it’s rarely seen and now in the U.S.A. – Wang started to create his unique builds back in 2001 after first trying his hand at his own Jeep Cherokee. To help advertise his company and create a trail-worthy ride, Ray sought out to build “The Green Iguana,” which is the perfect example of how to turn a Jeep into a truck, using a basic 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

Modifying everything except the chassis, Wang and his crew wanted both performance and appearance to equally describe his build. “We created a blueprint of everything after discussions with parts manufacturers since it’s important to make sure that all parts selected will work together to achieve the best performance and give the Green Iguana the best look possible,” he describes. To give it a truck-like appearance, a Teraflex Action Truck JK Truck Conversion kit does the job.

Because suspension would play a huge part on how it performed on the trails, a Teraflex 6” Elite LCG Long FlexArm Lift kit and HD44 front and CRD60 rear axles with E-locker, as well as Fox 2.5 Factory Series bypass reservoir shocks, were chosen for its long travel ability. Other Teraflex products include a Rock Slider kit, HD Hinged Carrier & Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit and HD Tie Rod & Flipped Drag Link kit.

They needed more power to be able to handle any terrain it met and Ray knew that the stock 3.6L engine wouldn’t live up to his expectations. “We did a Dakota Customs Hemi Engine Swap with 500 hp to give Green Iguana the power for extreme off-road,” Wang details. A Borla exhaust system provides additional horsepower and a menacing growl when you rev the Hemi.

A Poison Spyder Brawler mid front bumper, RockBrawler rear bumper and aluminum fender flares combine to give it a brawny look, while the newly released STRUT Jeep Wrangler grille defines it. BAJA Designs Stealth 20” and 50” LED light bars and Squadron Pro LED Driving/Combo easily illuminate dark trails and night off-road runs. Wang has tested out his Green Iguana at favorite off-road spots like the Rubicon Trail and Moab, which established that it’s “an off-road monster,” he adds.

Wang now plans on using his Green Iguana Jeep/truck conversion as a marketing tool for his company, both here and in China, as he already sets his eyes on his shop’s next big rig!


2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport


- Teraflex ActionTruck JK truck conversion kit

- Poison Spyder Brawler MID front bumper

- Poison Spyder RockBrawler rear bumper

- Poison Spyder aluminum fender flares

- Teraflex HD hinged carrier & adjustable spare tire mounting kit

- STRUT Jeep Wrangler grille

- Teraflex Rock Slider kit


- JW Speaker 8700 Evolution LED headlight

- BAJA Designs Stealth 20" driving/combo LED light bar

- BAJA Designs Stealth 50" driving/combo LED light bar

- BAJA Designs Stealth Squadron Pro, LED driving/combo


- Teraflex 6" Elite LCG Long FlexArm lift kit

- Teraflex HD tie rod & flipped drag link kit

- Teraflex HD44 front Rubicon replacement axle w/ E-Locker

- Teraflex CRD60 rear axle w/ E-Locker

- Fox 2.5 Factory Series Bypass Reservoir shocks

- Fox 2.0 Factory Series Bump Stop IFP

- JE Reel custom drive shaft

Dakota Custom HEMI 6.4L engine swap
Borla Performance exhaust system

17” Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlock wheels
40x13.50R17LT Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires

Traversing Offroad USA

Written by: Kristie Bertucci Photos: