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I had a 2012 Rubicon,loved it but have since sold it.Can I get some input from previous JK owners who now drive JL models comparing the two?I am anticipating the release of the JL Scrambler and would start all over,had 37s on my JK,would like to do the same on new one.


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I had a '14 JKU Sport a couple years back, and just picked up an '18 JLU Sport. Overall I am very pleased with the JL. There have been some issues that plague all new model launches, most of which haven't effected me. I haven't had a chance to take it offroad yet but on the street it is a pleasure to drive. I opted for the soft top model (JK had a hard top) so I'm enjoying how quick and easy it is to throw the top back. Another nice feature is the aluminum doors, which make going door-less easier. I only have a couple thousand miles on it so I can't speak to the reliability yet but I think it is going to be a great platform, much like the JK.


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Look forward to seeing further responses from those who have made the switch. Really like my JK but eventually will need a new ride and would be eye-balling the JL.

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I dont have one, but have a friend that just got his JL.. Biggest issue i've seen so far (other than the exterior is ugly, the interior looking like a Fiat, instead of a "Jeep" and the welds rusting and coming apart, putting the lives of his family and anyone near him on the highway in danger..) is that the rear storage area seems to be noticeably smaller than in my '12..
We base this on the fact that it was impossible to fit 5 37" tires in the rear with the seats down in his 2018 JLU, but I was able to easily fit them in the rear of my '12 JKU ...


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There was a recall for trackbar welds, here is a picture of mine. Other than silicon deposits (nature of the beast when mig welding) the welds on my trackbar bracket look fine.

To each their own on the exterior/interior styling, I've never been in a Fiat so I can't compare but I don't find anything wrong with the new interior. If they hadn't updated the styling of the interior, people would have complained and if there's one thing that I've learned in life is that you can't please everybody. The seats are comfortable and all of the controls are within reach. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the touch screen radio, but the factory backup camera made that a requirement.

I didn't feel like there was any change in the rear cargo area and seen a picture on bookface yesterday where a guy fit 5 - 37" tires in the back of his JLU. I do know that the compartment under the rear floor is now larger, which is nice.


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We had a 2013 jk sport that we traded in on our 18 jl. I'm 6'3" and in can sit in the back seat with more room than I had in the jk. We like it now we just need to get all the upgrades done to it.


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I made the switch from a 08 JKU X to a JLU Rubicon and love it. The biggest difference is the power the new 8spd is able to put out vs the the old one. Also, I love the new styling inside and out. Also based upon numerous people sharing their experience, I'll be able to go to 37" and larger tires before needing to do anything extra.


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I'll look into the JL when everything has settled down. Yeah, it would fit the 37" maybe just for looks, but the stock axles can't handle it if doing any offroading.....


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I went from a cloaked 14 JKU Rubicon to a now cloaked 19 JLU Rubicon 2.0 Turbo and don’t think I could be any happier. In my opinion the JL is better in every way.


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Our own @JeepnDel reported his first JL experience from Death Valley earlier this year as a "wowza, what a Jeep" ride. Like any Jeep, upgrades and trail capabilities can always be accomplished with gear from outfits like @Metalcloak.


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It's night and day between the two. I have had my 2010 JK for 10 years now and my 2018 JL for two. Bother are fun but the JL is soo much more comfortable and solid to drive.


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I went from a 07 JKU w/ game changer 3.5 and 35s to a 18 JLUR w/ skyjacker budget lift ( springs, shocks, and trac bars) and Pat 38s I love the Jeep for the most part but had to put control relocation brackets on because the caster was only 3 degrees and I was getting some crappy steering response, it’s a whole lot better now but I feel my JKU rode a HELL of a lot better and can’t wait to put a Metalcloak lift on it.