MetalCloak inner fenders with Falcon 3.3


Jeep Newb
Hello again fellow Jeepers!
So I am getting into the part of my build that involve those BA overline fenders from MC which also includes inner fenders. I saw a post from 2017 about this but since it is the wonderful and exciting year 2020 I thought I would ask about inner fenders with Falcon 3.3. I attached 2 pictures one from Nemesis which are "preferred" from Teraflex but I just don't like the welds in the middle of everything and the fact the brand doesn't seem to be "out there". The second is from MC and I much prefer those as a much cleaner look. So the reason I included these pictures are to point out where the flat spot is on the back side of the inner fender and how it looks to be able to accommodate the piggybacks.
Does my eyes deceive me or do you all notice it as well?
Do we have anyone that is running the 3.3s with the MC inner fenders?