September 4x4 Safety Clinic now open for registration


Weekend Wheeler
hi everyone
Just wanted to let you know that registration for Esprit de Four's 4x4 Safety Clinic at Hollister Hills OHV is now open. It's a family friendly event that shows folks the basics of being out on the trail. Part of the class is in a classroom environment and the rest of the day is spent on the trail with guides taking the students on different trails within Hollister OHV. At the end of the day, the students are treated to a great tri-tip dinner and are allowed to camp in Hollister as well. For more information, please follow the link


Staff member
How has the turn out been for this in the past? What is the biggest area you see that Jeepers need education?


Weekend Wheeler
Since I've been a member, we've been sold out, on the average, we have between 40-55 rigs per safety clinic, which we have twice a year (in May and in September). I think the biggest area that is needed is the fundamentals of being on the trail: everything from trail etiquette, how to crawl, how to judge the right time to use momentum, etc.
Let me see if I can find our classroom presentation and i'll send it your way