Shocking Dilemma


Jeep Newb
I have been building my JK up slowly since I special ordered it in January of 2017. I am currently running a 3.5" GC with the FOX shocks that came in the kit back in 2019. I love the flex and on road manners (no brake dive on panic breaking for example), but recently I am noticing some issues. I have added quite a bit to it in the realm of sliders, heavy fenders, dynatrac front axle, 37s...etc you know how it goes.

As of now I am getting an incredibly bad amount of body roll at low speed. When I go over obstacles I even get a sort of whipping action back and forth that has caused me to soak my head on the a-pillar more than once. I am also bottoming out on the bumpstops constantly in the rear. I have checked all the suspension links and everything looks fine, but I think I may be overweight on the shocks, and it is just time to upgrade.

Currently I have narrowed my choices down to 2. The FOX elite series 2.5 DSC adjustable remote res shocks with the FOX elite steering stabilizer, or the KING OEM 2.5 adjustable remote res shocks also with the FOX elite steering stabilizer.

Now I remember that when I bought my GC suspension, I read that the shocks were matched tuning wise to the dual rate springs. Is there something specific with the 2 shocks I am looking at I need to be aware of related to that matching? My assumption is that both have adjustability built in, which would allow me to dial in a good tune with some practice.

Ultimately any opinion in this arena would be welcomed. Attached pic from a recent Colorado trip.