Ask The Expert- Tell me why I should get 37" Patagonias as opposed to 38" Patagonias


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I have about 40k miles on my current 35" tires from another brand, so by the end of summer when my gears get here and installed I'll be ready for new tires. I'm going to buy Milestar Patagonia MTs regardless, that decision is done, but I'm not really seeing why I shouldn't spend the little bit of extra money and get a little bit bigger tire, especially when it comes to the weights and true sizes

2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S
3.5"/2.5" Lift
4.88 gears
Auto transmission
Dana 44s

My current tire is a 35x12.5R17 that comes in at 34.84" x 78 lbs

The 37x12.5R17 Patagonia is 36.8" x 72 lbs, so it's 6 lbs lighter per tire than the current tire

The 38x13.5R17 Patagonia is 37.8" x 83 lbs so it is heavier than both of the above but that is much lighter than nearly every other 37" mud on the market that people run with on the stock JT D44s all day long

My wheels already have a healthy -24mm offset so between that and my lift I'm sure the 38" will clear. The only issue is spare tire storage but I'm going to move that to the underside of my bed rack anyway

So what are the other potential downsides of that extra inch?
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We run the 38's on the JT and JL without any issues. That tire was built around that setup and is a C rated tire where the 37" is a D rate.