Ask The Expert- TJ Lock n Load Long Arm Kit (7141)

Steve Clark

Jeep Newb
I’m thinking about the MC 7141 long arm kit for my 2000 TJ, 4” suspension lift, 1” body lift on 35’s. It has TeraFlex 4 inch lift springs, and Procomp ES 9000 shocks. Both are about a year old. It has a short arm kit currently with NO vibration in the drivetrain. It still has the slip yoke at the transfer case. The kit says I need to get the slip yoke eliminator so I’m asking if that’s actually necessary, given the Jeep currently performs well at speed on road with no vibration and I’m assuming this kit will not change the lift characteristics that I currently have. My main reason for wanting to get a long arm kit is to vastly improve the ride comfort. In my current configuration, it is extremely harsh off road. On the road, it actually handles reasonably well. Will this kit significantly improve the smoothness of ride off road? Lastly, it mentions exhaust modifications are required. Can you explain exactly what needs to be done with the exhaust? Thanks for your help.
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