Why no torque specs in MC installation instructions


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I've been doing offroad builds for many years on many different vehicles.. I've seen and installed all types of products from good to bad, from simple to very complex.. I've also helped a few companies with installation instructions as a field tester in the past.

MetalCloak makes some decent products that are generally of high quality, plus great customer service, but what does not seem to match their overall quality is their instructions. I don't think I have seen a single torque spec or recommendation for thread lock etc where it is needed in any of their stuff.. The instructions are more like a marketing brochure than an installation manual. They have a few callouts here and there, but generally speaking the installation instructions lack torque specs.

Just curious why as this is pretty critical to get right in many scenarios.

They will answer the phone if you call them (which is awesome these days), but why not just put it on paper like others seem to do.

I know people will say refer to factory specs or just set it tight, but often times you have different hardware going on etc. The materials and stretch matter. .
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