6160 - Frame-Built Combo Bumper Base


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JL Frame-Built Combo Bumper Base

JL Frame-Built Combo Bumper Base Installation Video

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I've installed my bumper and I think it would be helpful to modify the instructions just a bit to include a couple of items.

1. Torque values for all bolts. After contacting MC support, I was told to use Mopar's ratings so I looked them up and used them. It would save time and make it easier if the torque values were included. Perhaps torque values aren't as important for a bumper as for something like a control arm (torque values also missing on those install instructions).
2. Update the skid plate instructions for the JL. Currently only instructions for the JK exist and the JL is a slightly different install.

EDIT: One more thing, a useful tool to have for this install (especially for the skid plate install to the frame) is a ratcheting wrench.)


Jeep Newb
No problem. I know when writing instructions its easy to miss the basics when you're an expert. I'm a newb when it comes to installation of bumpers, suspensions, etc., etc. Loving the bumper, and can't wait to get the rear bumper. Also, very much looking forward to the tube doors!