6800 - Lo Profile Modular Rear Bumper


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JT Lo Profile Modular Rear Bumper

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If you have a rubicon with steel bumper and backup sensors, here are a couple observations.
1) The dual tow hooks are not a problem to get the mopar steel bumper around/off, MC states that you undo them in step A, just leave them until you get the bumper unbolted and off.
2) The backup sensors have a plug on the passenger side of the frame across from the license plate lights plug that you need to undo too.
3) If you are putting the optional D ring mounts in instead of your hooks, attach them right after you pull your hooks off. Also the new hardware is 22mm for the d ring mounts, the area is tight and must use a short socket.
4) If you are also installing the MC rear corner sliders, the upper bolts use a welded nut on the inside of the frame. The frame welded nuts on my JT wasn’t secured well and I twisted one off. Thankfully it was a rear one and there’s a hole in the frame big enough to put a 19mm wrench on it. I do recommend a few day’s ahead of time to soak the bolts with a penetrating spray.
5) If your back up sensors emit a full tone while in reverse after your install, clear all the codes, reboot with some sleep cycles and it should clear and work as normal. I used a tazer programmer.
6) As always, an extra hand or 3 really helps.