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JL SportGate Tire Carrier

Legacy JL SportGate Tire Carrier

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Install update for camera mount

  1. Install studs in plate as shown in picture
  2. Slide supplied aluminum plate over studs as shown
  3. Remove camera and wiring from camera mount
  4. Sand down the bosses protruding from the front of the factory camera mount (circled in red, there are more out of frame of the picture that needs to be sanded down as well)
  5. Route camera wiring through middle of wheel mount plate and supplied aluminum plate
  6. Slide camera mount over studs
  7. Plug camera wiring in to camera and reinstall camera
  8. Install spare tire


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I am in the process of installing the sportgate tire carrier with the supported 3rd brake light. There are a few things I would like to mention.
1. DON'T CUT THE BRAKE LIGHT WIRE! I think I could have saved myself a bit of trouble if I hadn't cut it. If you are using the 3rd light setup that comes with this carrier just unplug the light from the bottom of the brake light. It would help if they made some side notes in their instructions to prevent this from coming up later. Because the instructions are separate it does cause some confusion. I wish I had read the brake light instructions first.
2. Before you install the tire gate completely with all bolts tightened down measure out where you want the carrier to sit. It's really hard to squeeze your hand behind it to get nuts or bolts in. Just to add this is also the same issue with the brake light mount, I really had to squeeze my hands back there to get the bolts in.
3. The new set up for the camera does not come with a metal bracket, instead it comes with a 3D printed cut out that fits the hole in the center perfectly. Just screw in the camera in the designated holes that match up. There are 2 pieces of the 3D printed cut one or the other will fit the camera specific to your JL model.
4. I noticed the list of tools needed wasn't very accurate. Double check read everything sometimes bolts fit better in something slightly smaller than what is stated. Just depends on the hardware and who manufactured them. One key item I think will help a lot of people out... Installing the Wheel Studs for the carrier. I had no idea that I was going to need a vise. I don't have a vise. So I was finally told to get a small tool which made the waste of 4 hours only 30minutes to install. There's a company that makes a Wheel Stud Installer your local auto shop should have them available or Amazon.

In the next week I should have a link to the video I made while installing these and pointing out some of the challenges I had.