Tickets are still available for King of the Hammers


Weekend Wheeler
hey all. Happy belated Christmas and New Year. Just a quick FYI, tickets are still available for this years King of the Hammers. Here's the link:

If you've never been, it's one of the best events hands down. Though if you do come and decide to camp, be aware that if you're a light sleeper, you won't get much sleep as it's a 24 hour part


Staff member
I have always wanted to go to this event. Tough to make it happen sadly.

always told the dust is the worst part of it. Hammers Lung


Weekend Wheeler
If you ever make it out, you'll have a blast! A part from the race, just bombing around in your rig in the desert is all kinds of stupid fun.
If there's a good enough breeze, the dust isn't that bad, but yeah even at it's best, the dust will get everywhere. Also the amount of dust that comes out of my Jeep's air filter after the event is hilarious .